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High Level Political and Industry Contacts


Combined experience of asset management in excess of $1 Billion


high level industry and business reputation

Noble Spring Holdings Funds

Noble Spring Holdings has set up two major funds to tailor for interested investors to capitalise on the opportunity to invest in Australia’s growing economy.

General Fund

This fund allows for investors to individually or collectively participate in the opportunities to invest in Australia.

Significant Investors Fund

This fund allows individual Chinese investors to participate in the Australian Government Significant Investor Visa (SIV) programme as a pathway to migrate to Australia.


Investment, Prosperity, Our People Make the Difference

In this uncertain time, Australia is fast emerging as a safe country for investors from the Asian region who are looking for capital growth and higher returns.

Noble Spring Holdings Pty Ltd combines the experience of the Australian market with investors from Asia who see the future potential for growth and opportunities.

Our funds are managed under license from Southbank Capital Pty Ltd, which is a Licensed Financial Service Provider under the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. AFS License No: 343678.

Southbank Capital, based in Melbourne is a Boutique Corporate Advisory and Investment Firm, which assists corporate clients in the strategic development of their businesses and to identify, analyse, structure, price, negotiate, market and effect transactions.

Why Choose Noble Spring:

  • Investment Philosophy

    Noble Spring Holdings’ investment philosophy is based on the core belief that quality always triumphs over quantity.

    We have a strong work ethic that promotes core values with our clients and potential investors.

    All of the directors of Noble Spring Holdings have a long history of dealing at all times in the highest of working principles, hence we have a strong reputation that allows us to gain access to the very best of projects and opportunities.

    That is the secret to our success.It is this principle that investors in Noble Spring Holdings funds will enjoy healthy returns.

  • Why Asian Investors should invest in Australia?

    For many Asian investors, Australia can be daunting place to do business because of the differences in language and cultural aspects.

    The opportunities are endless, however without local knowledge, many Asian investors end up disappointed in trying to deal direct.

    Noble Spring Holdings combines the experience of Asian business cultural with the Australian way of doing business.

    That is why we see ourselves as the perfect company for Asian investors because we speak both languages.

    Mary Vanhoorn was born and raised in Ningbo, however she moved to Australia to pursue a career in Banking.

    Mary is a success in the finance industry. She teamed up with one of Australia’s leading boutique investment banks, Southbank Capital and formed Noble Spring Holdings.
    It is this combined experience that Asian investors will be able to capitalize on.

  • Corporate Advisory Services

    Noble Spring Holdings provides specialised corporate advisory services principally to privately owned businesses and small to medium sized public and ASX listed companies. Noble Spring Holdings specifically targets Small to Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) with a market capitalisation of $150 million and below, a sector, which has not traditionally been well serviced by financial market participants.

    Critical to the continued success of Noble Spring Holdings in servicing its corporate clients’ needs are:
    • Principals’ successful track record
    • Distribution strength, through its existing client base and external distribution networks
    • Incisive negotiation skills and structuring expertise
    • Discerning, personal and professional approach
    • Proactive after market and corporate advisory support
    • The provision of strategic planning and corporate advice, business and investment search and analysis

    Noble Spring Holdings also invests its own funds in strategic business opportunities.

    Noble Spring Holdings supports its corporate clients on an on-going basis, providing continuing corporate advice on and assistance with additional capital raising and mergers and acquisitions proposals. This on-going personal relationship with clients contrasts with a transaction driven approach and allows Noble Spring Holdings to obtain a detailed understanding of its clients’ businesses and corporate objectives.

  • Funds Management

    Noble Spring Holdings has established two funds that are Noble Spring General Fund and Noble Spring Significant Investor Fund. These have been established to provide investors with an opportunity to invest in a variety of asset classes in Australia and overseas which are not usually available to individual investors.

    The Trustee of our funds is Southbank Capital Pty Ltd, which is a Licensed Financial Service Provider under the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. AFS License No: 343678.